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19 - 22 JUNE 2018

13th International Symposium 
on Concrete Roads BERLIN

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CEMEX Deutschland AG
Sophienwerderweg 50
13597 Berlin

CEMEX Deutschland AG is one of the largest and most efficient building materials companies in Germany. Our products provide the basis for modern residential buildings, functional commercial buildings and long-lasting engineering structures. Our main products groups are aggregates (gravel, sand, grit, special products), cement, ready-mix concrete and building chemicals.

Among others, we recurrently develop innovative product solutions for road and path construction. For example, earlier this year we launched Pervia®. This is a family of water-permeable drain concretes for traffic areas.

We submit our products to constant quality controls and have a certified quality management system in place. Our service promise to our customers includes top quality, short delivery times and rapid processing.

Partnerships included, CEMEX Deutschland AG operates more than a hundred production sites in Germany. Approx. 500 concrete mixers, silo vehicles and trucks deliver our products just in time. Currently our company has about 1,500 employees.

In addition to our product portfolio, we offer intelligent services and innovative overall solutions to the construction industry. Our concrete technology, concrete pumping services and on-site concrete mixing plants help making our customers’ construction projects more efficient.

CEMEX Deutschland AG is part of CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V., a global building materials company with headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico. CEMEX provides high-quality products and reliable services to customers and communities in more than 50 countries throughout the world and maintains trade relationships in 100 nations.

Alexandra Decker
Manager Communication & Public Affairs der CEMEX Deutschland AG
location: +49(30)33009238 
mobil: +49(173)9686645 
e-mail: alexandra.decker(at)

Otto Alte-Teigeler GmbH
Spezialbau Verkehrsflächen
Obere Hardt 13
76467 Bietigheim / Baden
Phone: 07245/ 92 60-0

The company Otto Alte-Teigeler GmbH (OAT) was founded more than 40 years ago. Up to date our corporate group has more than 800 dedicated and qualified employees. Our main business is the reconstruction of conrete and asphalt pavements in short construction periods. Asphaltmixing plants, civil engineering construction companies, an emulsion plant, concrete barriers for roads and bridges as well as noise barriers, real estate dealings and a logistic and customs center are part of our corporate group.

The core business of the OAT group is the work on conrete pavements. We repair concrete roadway slabs with immediate opening for traffic using rapid-hardening concrete, readey-mixed concrete and prefabricated concrete slabs. OAT is the major company for joints in new construction sites and projects in Europe. We are representated with our branches, subsidiary companies and shareholdings in 9 countries.

Part of our service is the production of exposed aggregate concrete surfaces as well as grindging for new concrete pavements. We restore joints within the scope of restorations and maintenance intervalls. The concrete and surface restoration with expxy resin and cement mortar as well as lifting an fixing concrete slabs are part of our business activities. Grip improvement and noise reduction through Grinding as well as reducing aquaplaning hazards with grooving are part of our service.

You find a detailed description of the entire range of our services as well as links to our branches and subsidiary companies in Germany and abroad on our website

For further information you may also contact us at our headquarter:

Otto Alte-Teigeler GmbH
Obere Hardt 13
76467 Bietigheim

Phone: +49 7245 92600
Email: oat(at)

Thanks to modern powerful machines, trained personnel and the use of tested and proven materials, we are able to carry out all work, including projects on a larger scale, in short construction periods. The high-quality performance is our first priority.

HeidelbergCement AG
Berliner Straße 6
69120 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221 481-39503

In more than 140 years since the company was founded in 1873, HeidelbergCement has developed from a regional cement manufacturer with one plant in Heidelberg to one of the leading building materials groups worldwide. With the acquisition of the Italian cement company Italcementi in 2016, HeidelbergCement became the global number one for aggregates, number two for cement and number three for ready-mixed concrete. As a result, HeidelbergCement Group has significantly expanded and employs over 60,000 staff in around 60 countries, at more than 3,000 locations on five continents.

In Germany, HeidelbergCement employs around 4,000 employees. With 10 cement plants, 220 ready-mixed concrete plants, 25 locations for the production of concrete products and concrete component parts as well as almost 60 sand and gravel plants, the company is able to respond swiftly to the demands of its customers nationwide. With the slogan “Echt.Stark.Grün.”, which embodies the concepts of authenticity, power and environmental awareness, HeidelbergCement uses its investments to ensure an optimum supply of cement, ready-mixed concrete, mortars, floating screed, concrete components, sand and gravel and numerous special building materials for building sites nationwide – as well as for road construction.

HeidelbergCement is continually conducting research into the development of cements, concretes and products that meet the growing demands of road construction. To this effect, the extensive product range of open-pored concrete is of particular note, as this building material offers many advantages, as well as solutions to key trends such as climate change, surface sealing and blasting noise in road construction. The company has also found an economic and lasting solution in Heidelberg verge concrete when it comes to reinforcing street verges.

Besides innovative building materials, HeidelbergCement supports its customers with technical expertise when providing quality assurance for construction projects, selecting suitable building materials and methods and developing and implementing them.

HeidelbergCement is the partner to supply you with the appropriate building materials, services and consultation with technical knowledge and expertise, as well as supporting you as a solutions provider.

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